Our services

ESPEER is an independent entity and offers its services in the form of consulting and contracting, especially to the private sector and investors.

Organize, supervision technical offices

With technical coverage for collections that have development plans for ongoing projects.


Conducting strategic studies

based on earth sciences and mineral exploration in accordance with international standards in the region and trans-regional target markets.

Investment advice and resource evaluation

for investor groups and holdings financial groups that intend to invest in the mining sector.


Technical validation of mining projects

Preparation of conventional due diligence reports and valuation of mining projects using international codes.

Mine design and exploitation

Design and implementation of exploration programs, mine design, facilities and operation of mines.

Conducting mineral processing studies

Conducting mineral processing studies in different scales and designing and constructing processing plants.

Scope of activities and range of projects

During 16 years of operation, ESPEER has successfully completed 622 contracts.

Introduction of flagship projects:

  • Mining investment consulting
  • Data validation projects
  • Mining projects from exploration to extraction and processing
  • Master consulting and leadership projects (technical office)
  • Mine Planning and Mining Geology (Production Geology) Projects
  • Regional Exploration Programs