Our completed projects

ESPEER is an independent entity and offers its services in the form of consulting and contracting, especially to the private sector and investors.

Work statistics of ESPEER projects, by category and type
NO.Categorytype of project Numbers
1Mining Investment Consultancy 11
2Data Validation and Valuation of Mining Projects 54
3Geology 17
3-1 Base Geological Mapping15
3-2 Geo-Archeology2
3-3 Geo-Hazard0
4Exploration 228
4-1 Exploration-Planning and Execution139
4-2 Exploration-Technical and Supervisory Office23
4-3 Geophysics7
4-4 Geochemistry2
4-5 Modeling and Reserve Estimation14
4-6 Remote Sensing5
4-7 Regional Exploration9
4-8 Data Organization and GIS29
5Mining Engineering 126
5-1 Mining-Planning58
5-2 Mining-Technical and Supervisory Office27
5-3 Mining-Mining Execution6
5-4 Mining-Optimization13
5-5 Mining Geology (Production Geology)22
6Mineral Processing 25
6-1 Lab Scale Processing Tests13
6-2 Pilot Scale Processing Tests6
6-3 Processing Plant Engineering0
6-4 EPC Projects6
7Main Consultant and Projects leadership 25
8Environmental Studies 14
9Techno-Economic Studies 29
9-1 Feasibility Studies10
9-2 Techno-Economical Studies16
9-3 Site Selection Studies2
9-4 Market Studies1
10Mapping 9
11Geotechnics and Hydrology 11
11-1 Geotechnics5
11-2 Hydrology4
11-3 Hydrogeology2
12Mineral Commodities Trade 2
13Cooperation Memorandums 47
14Cooperation ship 1
15Mineral Tenements Ownership 21
 Total number of contracts 622
projects of master consulting and leadership (technical office)
NO.Contract Date Contract SubjectClient
12007-07-01Placer iron mines of Khaf, industrial soil of Mehran Abadeh, Vanarch manganese mine of QomEhya-ie Maaden-e Sepahan Co.
22008-07-27Exploration projectsOpal Kani-e- Pars Co.
330-04 -2009Exploration drilling projectsCountry Exploration Services Company
42010-08-21Zarand iron ore mineAria Jonoub-e Iranian Company
52011-02-13Qala Zari copper mine, BirjandMina Kan Co
62011-10-05Meskani copper mine, AnarkMeskani Copper Company
72013-02-03Exploration projectsFaraz Zamin Parsian Co
82014-02-17Exploration projectsKoomeh Madan-e Pars Mining Company
92014-10-21Sonajil Cu-Au Project, HarrisOqab-Talaee Arsbaran Company
102014-10-20Evaluation and validation projectsSadr Jahan Mines Development Co
112015-04-22Exploration projectsKani Navid Pars Mining Company (OPIC)
122017-09-20Evaluation and validation projectsShahed company
132017-12-25Gariz gold mineDSM Company
142018-04-04Hajib and Chalambar industrial soil mines, QazvinParsian Gulf Mining
Exploration Company
major projects of mine planning and production geology
No. Contract DateProject Name Employer
12008-08-05Sarcheshme copper mine pit bench mappingBehsam CO.
22011-01-09Mines of Neka cement, Iljaq potash, Nain cement factoriesCountry Exploration Services Company
32012-01-17Zarand iron ore mines (Hadid and South Aria)Aria Jonoub-e Iranian Company
42009-12-09Limestone mines of After, Milad, Ahvan, Lito and SorekhSemnan Soda Ash Company
52014-10-07The Kahneh salt mine of LarestanLarestan Salt Crystal Company
62014-11-22Gariz gold mine-TaftDSM Company
72018-08-04Nasim copper mine, BardskanPayesh Madan company
82018-12-04Sharaf Abad gold mine (open pit and underground), VarzghanZarkavan Mineral Exploration Company, Arsbaran
92019-07-31Silica Mines Totekhane Bonab, Kokia UrmiaTabriz Sahand Silica Industries Co
flagship projects in regional exploration
No. Contract DateRegion Name Employer
12014-02-08General exploration of Saravan region of Sistan and Baluchistan province

IMIDRO- Exploration Sector Empowerment Plan

22014-04-11Prospecting Saravan – Southern Saravan section

IMIDRO- Exploration Sector Empowerment Plan



Polymetal mineral resource reconnaissance phase project in Takab-Piranshahr area -in West Azerbaijan

IMIDRO- Exploration Sector Empowerment Plan



reconnaissance phase of polymetal mineral resources in Khosh Yilagh area-Golestan province

IMIDRO- Exploration Sector Empowerment Plan

52015-12-27reconnaissance phase of exploration region of Nir-Zorajabad in Ardabil provinceIMIDRO- Exploration Sector Empowerment Plan
62016-04-03Mineral resource Prospecting project in Khosh Yilagh area of GolestanIMIDRO- Exploration Sector Empowerment Plan
72016-07-20Polymetal mineral resource prospecting project in Tarem area of ZanjanIMIDRO- Exploration Sector Empowerment Plan
82020-01-15prospecting of South Khorasan rangesIMIDRO- Exploration Sector Empowerment Plan


Geochemical studies of streamsediment and heavy minerals of the Chaghoo – Haji Abad block, central 2 Polymetal of Tehran, Alborz and Qazvin provinces

IMIDRO- Exploration Sector Empowerment Plan
other flagship mining projects
No.Project typeProject Name and Employer
1Mineral processingAria Jonoub iron ore, Zarand (Arya Jonoub-e Iranian Company, 2009), Gariz sulfur and oxide gold ore (DSM Co, 2006), Mako silica ore (Ardvand Company, 2014), Bonab silica ore (Sahand Silica Compmay, Tabriz, 2014)
2Environmental Assessment

Miyaneh Steel Development Plan (Azerbaijan Steel Company, 2006), Bonab Steel Plan (Banab Steel Complex, 2006) Environmental assessment of Tabriz industrial estates (Jolfa and Bilordi, 2009)

3Geological hazardsThe project of securing the historical monuments of Taqbostan
Kermanshah (Cultural Heritage Organization, 2013), the plan of the Safari Recreation Complex (Atek Consulting Engineers, 2015)
4Hydrology and hydrogeologyHydrology and hydrogeology studies of Sungun copper mine (Pars Olang Consulting Engineers, 2013), hydrology and hydrogeology studies of Asalouye petrochemical site (Mehr Petro Kimia Company, 2016)
5GeotechnicsSari Gonai Gold Complex (Country Exploration Services Company, 2009)
6Techno Economic studiesAkhtaran Gold Project (Akhtaran Company, 2014), Makoo Manganese Processing Project (Madan-Fonoon-e Makoo Company, 2007), Perlite Cryogen Production Project (Gohar Kavosh Company, 2007)