ESPEER Mining Services Company

ESPEER has a special approach with investors, especially holding companies, public companies and private sector entrepreneurs.

ESPEER capabilities

ESPEER is an independent entity and offers its services in the form of
consulting and contracting, especially to the private sector and investors.
Areas of activity of ESPEER are:

✓ Investment consulting, for investor groups and holdings financial groups that intend to invest in the mining sector.
✓ Organize, lead and supervision technical offices, covering the technical needs of entities that have development plans for their ongoing projects.
✓ Fundamental and applied geological studies
✓ Design and implementation of exploration programs, mine design, facilities and operation of mines
✓ Mining geology (production geology), for feeding processing plants in the mining industry
✓ Conducting mineral processing studies in different scales and designing and constructing processing plants
✓ Feasibility studies and preparation of technical and economic justification plans for mines and mining industries
✓ Conducting EPC projects for mineral processing plans.
✓ Technical validation of mining projects and preparation of standard Due Diligence reports and evaluation of mining projects using international codes
✓ Preparation of bankable mineral reports with international standards
✓ Hydrological and hydrogeological studies
✓ Environmental geological investigations and Geo-Hazards
✓ Geotechnical and slope stability studies

Overseas projects

ESPEER, as a team of professional service providers in the mining sector, has been able to expand the scope of its activities beyond Iran by mastering the standard work procedures on an international level, the mechanisms of project definition and implementation and the relevant professional requirements, thus expanding beyond the borders of the country.

The most significant projects performed, often in the form of management contracts for well known international companies, were in the following geographical areas:

  •  Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), gold and copper projects
  •  Turkey, lead, zinc and non-metallic projects
  •  Malaysia, Placer Tin Projects
  •  Central Asia (Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan), gold placer and coal projects
  •  Far East (Russia and Mongolia), base metal and precious metal projects
  • South America (Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil), base metal, precious metal, iron and manganese projects
  • Northern America (Canada), Iron Ore (BIF)
  •  Africa (Tanzania, Chad, Namibia and Sudan), metallic projects

List of memberships of ESPEER in professional societies and institutions

1Financial credit and banking investment consultants 749From 2006, 11 years
2Association of Exporters of Technical and Engineering Services of East Azerbaijan30From 2008, 2 years
3Iran Tunnel AssociationFrom 2009. 1 year
4Iranian Association of Management Consultants 13138From 2011, 7 years
5Association of Research and Development Centers for Industries and Mines1960From 2011
6Iran Project Management AssociationC-962-90From 2011
7Mining Engineering Organization70029From 2011

Partner companies