Management and expert team

ESPEER has successful experiences in working in different areas of Iran, and
has also been able to expand its activities abroad.

Mohammad Zarghami

PhD in Economic Geology
Chairman of the Board

In the first years of the nineties, he had valuable experience in implementing metallogenic projects in northwestern Iran with help from prominent former soviet geologists, which resulted in the introduction of the Anderian gold deposit. Long-term cooperation with consulting engineering companies in the role of senior exploration geologist and project manager has given him a comprehensive knowledge of mining potentials and operating conditions of mining projects in different parts of Iran. His long presence in Central Asia has led him to become proficient in identifying and exploring specific gold resources (especially gold from sedimentary origin). Currently, planning to guide investors, eager to enter the mining projects market, setting work priorities, drive a roadmap and engineering their presence in the market is his special activity in ESPEER.

Bahman Rashidi

M.Sc. Economic Geology
Member of the Board

Cooperation with most of the foreign exploration companies that were present in Iran from the nineties to the late 2000s, is one of the main features of his work experience. Continuous activity in regional and large-scale gold exploration projects has given him a comprehensive knowledge of the different genetic environments of Iran’s gold resources, which is highlighted in writing the book “The Gold Deposits of Iran”. He has worked as a director of exploration projects for international mining companies in different jurisdictions. He is also particularly competent in reporting on exploration projects, metallic ores and mineral reserves and industrial minerals (JORC) as well as international mineral resource valuation (VALMIN) and has earned a Competent Person (CP) certification, which is his specific credential in ESPEER.

Farzin Talebi Rad

M.Sc. Geology
Member of board of directors

Years of experience in private and public mining companies in the exploration of metallic deposits in various geographical areas, along with cooperation with various foreign companies, has given him a special ability to understand the nature of data integrate in exploration and mining projects, so that he is an expert on the subject of “validation of exploratory data”. He has received scientific and practical training in the field of geology, production and design of feed programs for processing plants. The combination of organizational system, his ability to organize and manage resources optimally, as well as the ability to adapt to the local conditions of the project sites, has led to his role in ESPEER in launching and implementing large exploration and mining projects.

Hossein Mirzeinaly

PhD in tectonic

As a top graduate in all levels of education, he entered the job market during his bachelor’s degree and has collaborated with most major engineering consulting companies on large mining projects in the country. As a structural geologist, he has a special ability to pick, survey and add relevant data layers to 3D models of mineral reserves, a specialty that is also used in open pit and underground mining development phases for geomechanical analysis and slope stability studies. He has also always had teaching on his agenda and through this, not only maintains daily communication with the academic world, but also optimizes communication with the new generation, making it successful in attracting talented forces and employing them in professional teams.

Senior Executive

Work experiences

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Work experience s in Espeer

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1Alireza NajafiTechnical ManagerMaster of Mine exploration engineering1513
2Shirin JahromiHR & Internal ManagerMaster of
3Hossein Seifi
Administrati on &
financial Manager
Master of Accounting118
Project Managers
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in Espeer

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1Mozhgan SaeediTechno- Economic StudiesPhD in Industrial and Cost Accounting2515
2Hossein AsliMineral Processing ProjectsPhD in Mineral Processing1612
3Amir HematiMine Exploitation and monitoring projectsMaster in Mine Engineering1612
4Fatemeh EslamdostGeological projectsMaster of sedimentology and sedimentary rocks161
5Mana RahimiGIS projectsPhD in Geoinformatics2510
6Bahareh OskoeeProject ControlMaster of industrial Engineering142
Remote sensing projectsMaster of Structural Geology129
8Ehsan GhaziExploration ProjectsMaster of Mine Exploration engineering119
Mine Planning projectsPhD in Mine Engineering76
Geological ProjectsMaster of Structural Geology105
11Hamid BahariExploration ProjectsMaster of Economic Geology55

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